Mariko sculpture – sculptor artist

Its journey is only a journey from the Indian Ocean Madagascar Mauritius to the island of Reunion Kenya Ivory Coast.

It is with the Maasai she discovers the earth. Decides at 14 years to be an artist, to be a sculptor.

No one escapes his destiny.


2001-2002: University Paul Valéry Montpellier D.U (Ancient architecture and technical rehabilitation).

1988-1989: Foundry Maussane Les Alpilles (Casting and molding for bronze with lost wax).

1987: Boulle School Paris: Modeling and Volume.

1982-1987: Beaux Arts Montpellier (Modeling and Volume).

1978: Lycée Nevers Montpellier (BAC A4 math and philo).


1987-1988: Lycée Mas de Tesse GRETA MONTPELLIER: Professor of volume.

1989-1990: Creation of the “ROCAILLE” SARL MONTPELLIER: Restoration of the heritage, manager works with the Parisian decorators: Trébuchet,

Demachy, Boccador.

1992-1994: TERRADA GANGES Factory: Free-lance designer creating garden furniture.

1995: Cairo Egypt Realization of monumental pieces of vases.

1995-2000: Creation of the “DOMINO” SARL LUMINAIRES MONTPELLIER: Lighting designer and designer.

2000: Monumental Sculptures Lamalou Les Bains: Two water carriers made of resin 6 meters high.

2001-2002: Elected to the culture Lamalou Les Bains: Opens a municipal art gallery.

2002: Decides to settle on South Corsica in Ajaccio: Opens his studio and creates an art school ARTU DI A TARRA.

2003: Exhibitions Gallery Fashion Café in Ajaccio.

2004: Exhibitions Palais des Congrès: Palais des congrès in Ajaccio.

2006: Exhibitions Galerie Arkane in Ajaccio.

2007: Exhibitions from 04 to 08 November GRAND PALAIS in PARIS: French Artists’ Society.

2008: SOFITEL exhibitions in Portoccio.

2008: Public orders of the city of Sarcelles: Monumental work for the school of Music.

2008: Galleries Medicis Paris Place des Vosges: Return as a sculptor.

2009: Galleries of the Mediterranean Saint Paul of Vence: Return as sculptor.

2010: Galleries Frank Picon Paris.

2011: Espaces 77 Montmartre Paris: Permanent exhibition.

2011: ART BASEL ART CONTEXT Exhibition Miami Florida.

2012: GAUCHET FINE ART GALLERY Miami Florida returns as a sculptor

2013: ART BASEL exhibition at SKYDECK Roaftop Miami Beach SONY building

2014: Order of three monumental resin sculptures for the group RINGIER Zurich Switzerland.

2015: Prepares his collection of Samurai bronze rhinoceros in foundry for an exhibition on New York building FIRSTDEAM.

2016: Order of a horse “Le Mustang” resin three meters high on 4 meters 95 long installed on the four lanes of the entrance to the city of Montpellier in

front of the building “Le Mustang”