Clay, flesh of the world and material of our dreams.
Creating is first of all modeling raw clay to give its shape, to make sense. For me, clay is the essential material, flesh of the world and receptacle of life. As it has no spirit, it is Gods’ raw material.

PortraitNobody can escape his origins nor his own experience.
My first encounter with clay started right from my childhood, in Madagascar, where I was fascinated by the Malagasy work, their hands transforming clay into legendary characters. Till my teenage years, my life will be a travel diary, composed of arrivals and departures: Mauritius, Réunion Island, Kenya, Ivory Coast…
It’s there ,in Kenya, that I learnt the rudiments of shaping clay, with the Masaïs who made phantasmagorical beings.When I was 14, I had made up my mind : I WILL BE AN ARTIST. In Ivory Coast the manageress of ” Les Beaux Arts d’Abidjan” took care of me and as I was too young to get into the school, she tutored me. 
Later, farther, I was a student in ” Les Beaux Arts de Montpellier”,where renamed by Kenji,a Japanese friend of mine, I became Mariko a sculptor. That very year I discovered bullfighting, a passionate dance between the man and the bull who merge and become one and only in this fight. The bullfighter’s costume, that can only be seen as feminine, made me work relentlessly about the Man/ Animal: The Minotaur and his partner the almighty Sevillan woman. 
I work with bronze, stone; but what I prefer above all is clay ( a frost resistant material which requires a 1340° C. firing) and salvaged materials such as engine parts, that I solder together before adding them to my sculptures.