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Parution “Perspective” #28 –  2017 october.


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Parution Corse-Matin 30 juillet 2015.



The Sofitel Samurai

Florence Combescure is called Mariko, when she models the sandstone to create the characters that populate her imagination. The Ajaccian sculptor exhibits until the end of the month fifteen of his works. They recount her African and Asian inspirations, expressing her positions in the land. The flamboyant redhead comments to us four of its rooms, installed in the gardens of the luxurious Sofitel hotel.
The Samurai “He is the ideal man who symbolizes values ​​that are dear to me: respect for others, wisdom, power and honor for the family.” He gives his life to save. The place between heaven and earth, in relation to nature My samurai is special, although warrior he is naked, that is how I love him in the purity of his feelings Without his cuirass, Is that a man. “This piece was basically a commission for an exhibition devoted to sacred art.I had planned to represent a couple in love, fusion, my work is generally not of esoteric essence. To represent Jesus and Mary Magdalene as a lover and a mistress, I have always said that it would have been interesting to explore this relationship, especially Adam and Eve, who inspire me with nothing. I had planned to place a crown of thorns on the man’s head, but I did not expose it, but I wanted to see the face of the front man and the face of the man. The sculpture has three eyes. ”
The Matador “It’s a part of the Minotaur series, and like all my series, there are seven.” This is a number that matters a lot to me: I read somewhere that it symbolized the freedom of the artist, The Minotaur does not interest me in the mythological sense, it represents bullfighting, or, more precisely, this very peculiar moment in which man Bullfighting is, in my opinion, a culture, and people who scream at the scandal do not understand the meaning of bullfighting. Traditionally, the animal’s tail and ears are cut and thrown into the crowd, and I have kept the head of the bull and the body of the man to say that it is the head of the matador as well We could have thrown the audience. ”
Rhinoceros 2 “It is a magnificent animal that I had the opportunity to observe during my childhood in Kenya. It has gone through time, it is almost the survivor of a prehistoric era now endangered because hunted by the I could have placed my samurai on a horse or some other animal, but I wanted the rhinoceros for all that I wanted, The order in which the samurai are installed for the exhibition represents a journey, the first is the chief, he holds, like the others, a cross rather than a spear. A sense of religion, a mark of forgiveness, a tendency toward the spectator, but we do not know what he is going to do with it, for it is the same, the samurai is leaning forward. Mutate, but we do not know what to do “. K.S. Exhibition of Mariko’s sculptures until 31 August at Sofitel Porticcio


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